An intervention in Pennsylvania involves a highly planned, coordinated, and surprise meeting between an individual struggling with addiction and their family members, friends, and colleagues. It is not meant to shame, place guilt, or embarrass the individual with the substance abuse problem, but rather, to present compelling facts and stories that demonstrate the extent of their problem in a loving and respectful manner. It is usually coordinated by a professional intervention specialist in Pennsylvania - known as an interventionist - who guides all of those involved through the difficult process of letting their loved one know about their destructive behavior, and the damage it has caused him or her and everyone around them.

Interventions are usually held after an individual has been personally confronted with their problem, or after a crisis situation, that brings to light the severity of their problem, in which either case the individual still refuses to acknowledge their problem and seek treatment. Interventions usually occur after some crisis situation or dramatic episode convince the user's family and friends that the addict is destroying his or her life and needs professional help. Perhaps others have attempted to convince the individual that they have a substance abuse problem, and in turn only received reactions typical of denial: blaming, playing the victim, anger, fear, etc.

How an Intervention in Pennsylvania is Organized

A successful intervention in Pennsylvania will most likely begin by consulting an interventionist. This is because interventions that are organized, managed, and supervised by professional interventionists have a greater chance of persuading the individual to seek professional help at a drug rehab center; in fact, interventionist-guided meetings result in an astounding success rate of 90-95%. Even individuals who do not agree to enter addiction treatment on the actual day of the intervention will likely end up going soon after. This is because the interventionist prepares everyone for their roles and actions in the event that the person struggling with addiction refuses treatment.

However, only 7% of interventions ever reach out to a professional. Family members, friends, and colleagues need the professional assistance of an interventionist to help respond to the objections and anger that many addicts demonstrate when confronted with their problem. A professional interventionist will help organize, structure, and lead the various participants to become a focused group determined on the single goal of getting the individual to a drug rehab center. When choosing an interventionist, make sure that they demonstrate these leadership qualities; and don't forget to check for their background credentials and licenses.

The interventionist will organize a rehearsal intervention in order to prepare everybody for what they are to say in response to the objections likely to be raised by the individual during the intervention. They will encourage everybody to write letters showing love, care, and compassion, while citing specific episodes of the individual’s destructive behavior and stating the damaging effects that it has caused to their relationship, finances, career, etc. The group will consult a drug rehab therapy in preparation for the individual to seek immediate addiction treatment at the conclusion of the intervention. They will organize a site, date, and time to hold the intervention, which is to be kept in absolute secrecy from the individual.

If your loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and you have exhausted all other options, then an intervention may be the next appropriate step for them to make their first step – helping to acknowledge their substance abuse problem and need for professional help.

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