Drug rehab programs in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the country have their own unique approaches to addiction treatment. The philosophies and missions of these drug rehab facilities generally guide the kind of addiction treatment programs that they offer. In order to find the best kind of rehab program to fit your needs, you need to research and become familiar with the various types of addiction treatment facilities that are available. So how do you choose?

The types of drug rehab programs include, but are not limited to: traditional 12-step approaches, holistic recovery, religious models, inpatient services, outpatient services, and comprehensive treatment programs. While religious treatment programs may be just fine for some, they probably won't work for most people. You more than likely want a rehab center that offers something for everyone.

The most effective drug rehab programs tend to be comprehensive treatment programs in rehab facilities where each patient is assigned a medical addiction treatment team consisting of physicians, psychiatrists and nursing professionals, as well as a clinical staff comprised of addiction specialists, licensed social workers and mental health counselors. At A Center for Addiction Recovery, our customized addiction treatment plans are only devised after consultations are made with every practitioner on the addiction treatment team to ensure the treatment plan is right for you.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a psychological disorder, and considered a serious disease in the medical field. Often those afflicted with the disease will suffer from other mental health disorders as well. A comprehensive drug rehab center will provide individuals with a full range of services – detox, inpatient care, residential care, and outpatient care - from the moment they enter the rehab center, until long after they have left. We work with you to treat not just the addiction, but also the mental, psychological and emotional issues underlying it.

Drug Rehab Programs Offered at A Center for Addiction Recovery

Full-range of drug rehab programs:

  • Residential Drug Rehab Program
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient

At A Center for Addiction Recovery, we tailor our programs to meet our client's recovery needs and expectations. We provide addiction treatment therapies and services such as medical detox, psychiatric services, individual/group/family counseling, specialty counseling, dual diagnosis treatment, relapse prevention, and various alternative treatment therapies, including: nutrition and exercise regimens, relaxation techniques, acupuncture, detox massage, yoga, and much more. Our goal is to equip the client with the necessary skills and foundation to overcome his or her addiction; as a result, they are able to develop new behaviors and live life free from the control of drugs and alcohol.

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